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Wellness from within

Quercetin  Bromelain



Full of Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory properties, supports healthy immune function, aids respiratory health, and

helps relieve seasonal allergies


Elderberry Gummies



Tasty and delicious Elderberry Gummies with Vitamin C and Zinc

Vitamin D3 + K2



A synergistic combination that contributes to strong bones, healthy heart, and a robust immune system


At Earth Rx we understand that it can be difficult to achieve optimal health. We are bombarded daily with stressors that may cause damage to our cells and immune health, comprimising our bodies ability to ward of illness.

Eating a well balanced diet of high quality foods is the best way to attain wellness. Due to our busy lives, it is often that we miss crucial elements in our diet that are essential for health.

Taking a multi-vitamin and other specific vitamin supplements is a factor that may contribute to better overall wellness.

We care about quality and purity. Our products are made in an FDA certified facility under GMPs(Good Manufacturing Practices) and are independently lab tested. 

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